Projects & Works

The Ediacara is Near (2019)

Let the Music Make Them Dance (2019)

Collapse (2015-ongoing)

Black Walks (2012- ongoing)

What do we Know About Free Time (2019)

outländish (2018)

Choreography as Gift (2018)

Sui Generis (2013-ongoing)

The Invisible Realm: Paths to Arcadia (2018)

The Curves of the Hours (2017)

The Material Moment (2017)

ROTA (2016)

Dark Matters (2015)

Etre et Voir (2014) …blogpost

Trilogy (2012-2014)

No Spitting (2011)

Drawing and painting works (ongoing)

Archived works:

Pas de Deux   |  video installation and performance >>
Theatre of the Viscera   |   La Nef, Paris, 2010 >>
Strandings   |    Switzerland, 2008 >>
First Position   |    London, 2008 >>

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