Who am I?

Artist statement

Looking through the heart, linocut print, 2017

Picture an artwork in flow, moving across dance, drawing, choreography and notation, craft, sculpture, and sound art, all leaking and spilling into each other to form a hybrid composition of rhythms.

The desire for fluidity is perhaps what defines me best, the result of my background, moving between different cultures and places (India, France, Zimbabwe, Japan and the UK). Perpetual displacement induces a sensitivity to the tonalities, dynamics, gestures, climate, particular to each place, and to the diverse practices and knowledge that evolve out of them.

The ‘rhythmanalysis’ begins inside: I hear a heartbeat, or blood circulation, or the vibrations of nerves. They keep changing with different situations; the sound of all these uncontrollable rhythms tells me that my body is not really my body, that it is enmeshed with materials, the ocean, the weather, others.

Through embodied art practices, I imagine ways to attune to what is ‘not me’.

My artworks create access points to a rhythmic field of beyond-human knowing.

© Dominique Savitri 2021