/ performance-installation ikebana sculpture / #butoh #ohnostudio #minimalism #shodo

“It is not only nothingness (mu), but here ‘nothing’ has a form, this is exactly the space that Butoh is searching for…Dominique is searching for a new invisible space which only comes out of her body, beyond any intellectual meanings.”  Shinichi Takeshige, Tokyo dance critic


photography | Sasha Drozd

Performance & mixed media installation

rubber, paper and woodperspex, water, sumi ink

Ikebana installation: Yose Morishita: flowers, driftwood, acrylic paint

Sound: Arihiro Yamada


Gallery éf, Asakusa Tokyo 2013

Development residency and showing, Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, Yokohama, 2012



Costume installation |  stretch jersey and waterproof fabric

Commissioned for the Festival of Foreign Dancers, Keio University, Japan (2013)


Isamu Noguchi Room, Tokyo, 2013 (with Yosuke Fujita); Tatwerk, Berlin, 2014; Hagiso Gallery Tokyo, 2014; Funkhaus, Berlin, 2016


Where does hierarchy exist within the body, as listening moves from cognitive to embodied response?


photography | Sasha Drozd, Olaf Kramzik


Butoh Exchange International Dancers Series,Tokyo 2015 |  Art Centre, Keio University

Solo Butoh Exhibition, CCCP Gallery, Tokyo 2014 | curated by Natsu Nakajima.






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