The Material Moment

The Material Moment 物質瞬間
Hirozakari Sake Brewery, Nakanojo Biennale, 2017

A collaboration between artists Dominique Baron-Bonarjee and Chaong Wen Ting

A meeting of non-human subjectivities and the living body, through the relationship of spirit and matter, in the installation Space Between. Chaong Wen’s focus on materials, such as concrete, water, glass, animal skulls, plastic and light form a passageway of elements that Dominique inhabits as live presence. Seeking an embodied encounter with the inanimate materials through the material of the human body, she develops a ritual that dwells on the imperceptible interactions that weave a network of co-existence between all things.

Taking some inspiration from the practices of the Yamabushi monks of the Shugendo cult in Japan, whose long pilgrimages through sites of deep nature are a way towards connecting to vaster cycles of existence.