Hirozakari Sake Brewery, Nakanojo Biennale, 2017

A collaboration with Chaong Wen Ting

Chaong Wen Ting’s installation Space Between stages an encounter between non-human agencies and the living body. Ting’s focus on materials — concrete, water, glass, animal skulls, plastic and light — form a passageway of elements that Dominique Savitri recomposes with liveness. Through the embodied exploration of materials, she develops a ritual that lingers on the imperceptible relations of resistance, support, release and playfulness, blurring the distinction between animate and inanimate.

In creating this ritual, the Yamabushi monks are a source of inspiration. These mountain ascetics of the Shugendo cult in Japan undertake long pilgrimages through sites of deep nature, as a way towards connecting the human realm to vaster cycles of existence.

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