Currently a doctoral researcher in art practice at Goldsmiths University of London.

My practice informs my research, and my research, in turn, inspires the ambition of my practice: the two operate in a feedback loop of intuition and intention, that leaves me to wonder to what extent ‘I’ am implicated in this process. Who leads, who follows? What do I/you/we want? These are questions I think about in relation to what many are calling ‘transitional times’:

“All times are transitional. But at some crisis times like this one, politics is defined by a collectively held sense that a glitch has appeared in the reproduction of life. A glitch is an interruption within a transition, a troubled transmission. A glitch is also the revelation of an infrastructural failure.” Lauren Berlant

Links to my research, workshops and conference presentations

The Poetics of Activism, March 2019, London
What do we know about Free Time?
Liquidity (EEG, drawings, contract and method)

Butoh and Dance research