/ group exhibition / #installationart #performance #cleaning #heterotopia #galeriewedding

Mixed media installation

Charcoal, graphite pencil, marker pen, found cups, HD video & sound, sound composition, interviews, live performance, gold paint

ROTA (“rota” etymologically means “wheel”) provides a seemingly mundane but extremely important component within the coexistence of the Post-Otherness  flat share – cleaning and its deeper social and psychological importance. By positing cleaning and its characteristic of circular repetition within the shared space, Dominique explores an immanent message: where territorialization is achieved by leaving traces, possible heterotopias, erasure deterritorializes the space once again, allowing momentary utopias.

Using the gallery’s dishwasher, as a hidden ‘co-laborator’ in this cycle, ROTA interweaves human / animate, technology / inanimate, past / present  rhythms. It examines imperceptible resonances that arise in day-to-day interchange within social spaces. Cleaning becomes a way to deterritorialize, to face the ‘unheimlich’ as it continuously breaks down the homeliness of the familiar, as it removes traces.


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