#collapse #brexit #liveart #deeptime #posthumandances #poeticsofactivism

Collapse is a duet with gravity, a willingness to explore surrender, and to sense into resistance. It’s a dance with forces beyond our control and a meditation on the cyclical processes of life. By placing living, breathing containers of time – bodies – into different environments, the slow tempo of this dance of deep attention, highlights the surrounding tempos and rhythms. I’m especially interested in juxtaposing mechanical or technologically driven speeds that occur in urban spaces: driven by the needs of the economy, the daily routines of commuters, workers, etc where through its dissonance to the rush, Collapse seems to hold a sense of threat.

“I found Collapse, utterly, utterly compelling.” Astrida Neimanis, author



(2 channel installation, 4K video & sound, 2019)

Collapse Brexit 2019 (No. 6)

Text: Collapse, Brexit: a poetics of activism

Collapse Delphi Ruins, Greece (No. 5)

Group & solo Collapse at the ruins


Collapse Artvivors Studio, Berlin (No 4)

Spreeknie Festival Berlin 2016

Solo Collapse in an artist’s studio


Collapse Manchester Flashmob (No. 3)

Hazard 2016, Manchester, commissioned by Håb and WordofWarning.

“Looks like something from Pompeii, people getting frozen in time” man with smartphone

Collapse Nº2 Teufelsberg, Berlin

stills from HD film   |    photo: Olaf Kramzik

Collapse Nº1 Shimbashi, Tokyo

Tokyo-1Tokyo-2photos | Daniel Kallberg



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