Black Walks

‘In black lies the possibility of hope.’ Derek Jarman

Black Walk # 1 / Tokyo
Black Walk # 2 / London
Black Walk, Drapeau
Black Walk # 4 / Berlin
Black Walk # 3 / Paris
Black Walk / Field Trip Project Asia

Urban walk performance

HD & SD video, voice over & sound, photos, texts, maps, drawings, posters, linocut prints, linen flags, stick, costume, animation

Berlin, 2014 / Paris, 2013 / London, 2013 / Tokyo, 2012

Screenings and group exhibitions:

People’s History Museum, Manchester (2016)

Hagiso Gallery, Tokyo (2013)

Onca Gallery, Brighton UK (2013)

Parlour Showrooms, Bristol UK (2013)

Group exhibitions as part of Field Trip Project Asia

Curator: Daisuke Takeya

Japan Foundation, Yangon, Myanmar (2019) / Review

BACC Bangkok, Thailand (2019)

Kuala Lumpur Biennale, Malaysia (2017)

‘Temperature of Communication’, Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong, (2017).

Made of Walking, Animart Conference, Delphi Greece, 2016.

Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines (2015).

Beyond Contamination, Performance Studies International PSi Conference | Aomori Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan (2015).

NIE Gallery, Singapore (2015).

Body in the Contemporary City, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona (2015).

Where to? The future of walking arts, Falmouth University, UK (2015).