Being and Seeing

Out of Space at Kyozon Gallery, Tokyo | 2013

Collaboration with composer, Yas-Kaz

A drawing performance with live drumming by Japanese composer Yaz-Kaz Sato.

Surrounding a large paper canvas illuminated by a bright light are multiple ‘observers’ – the audience, a mirror that reflects the action and audience, a camera suspended from the ceiling, which relays a live feed to the adjacent wall. The artist attempts to enter an altered state under these intense conditions. Wanting to inhabit the quantum physics paradox of wave-function collapse, the artist creates a space of intense pressure in order ot test out how the presence of viewers affects her senses. Through a number of tasks – a blindfold, a mirror, turning until vertigo and covering herself in natural pigments used for the Indian Holi Festival until she is unrecognisable, she alters her sensory perception. In this state between delirium and trance she marks the canvas in an attempt to record the intensity of the experience in real time: is it the wave or particle that moves in the moment of overwhelm?

Materials: Paper floor canvas (3m x 3m), charcoal, turmeric, natural pigments, sound.

First developed with artist Frank Gambino .

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