handCrafted tech

Electronic Wearables & Circuits (2018–…)

For my art research I collaborated with Kobakant, a female collective of electronic crafters in Berlin, to explore the practice and politics of ‘women’s work’.

We co-created a wearable crochet ‘soundsuit’ as a haptic interface for making sound from bodily interctions with incidental ambient data (gravity, pressure, air currents).

[conductive copper yarn, copper beads and sheet, microprocessors, cabling, glass beads, silk & poly yarn]

Circuitry designs, 2018

Drawing: Hannah Perner-Wilson

Mind Rave dance & mantra performance for ‘Sex Re-Boot’, 2022

Photo: Matt Favero

Gravity ‘stone’ sensor and conductive copper stand, Berlin, 2021

Photo: Chaong Wen Ting

Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin residency with Kobakant, 2021

Mariam Arid joins the collaboration

Microprocessor woven into suit

Copper swing sensor

Embodiment hackathon, University of Sussex, 2022

A public-facing workshop format integrating movement research and handmade sensors to create AR and VR with the Unity game engine. Co-facilitated with artist Sissel Marie-Tonn.

Stretch sensor cuffs for Tai Chi

Breathwork with a feather heartbeat ‘sensor’

Electronic textile experiments

Spanda ergo sum

two-channel moving image / 25:36 (2023)

Spanda is a principle of cosmic vibration in the Indian Saiva Tantra tradition.

The sound composition combines binaural recordings of materials with an electronically created binaural beat drone frequency. Binaural sound affects the two hemispheres of the brain to alter the oscillations of brainwaves.


Bio Art sculpture (2020–…)

During the pandemic I invented sculptural material by cooking up ingredients I found in my kitchen.

The Membranes are skin-like: they’re conductive and react to temperature and humidity. I’d now like to integrate electronic sensors into them to ‘listen’ to their sensitivity.

[Seaweed, charcoal, salt, latex, copper, mould, glycerine, gelatine, acrylic, Electrical clips]

The Utopia Frequency

HD Video & Sound / 18:27 (2020)

Part of a triptych of meditations on the promise of contemporary technology. The film was screened within an installation.

Inspired by the kaleidoscopic choreography of Busby Berkeley and the chakra system in Vedic subtle anatomy, the combination of symbolic images and sonic frequencies creates a vertiginous experience of annihilation. Please wear headphones.

Sound composition collaboration with: Joel Cahen (Wet Sounds).

[Wood, Sequoia pine cone, paper, jesmonite, glass, 3d printed geometrical objects, office chair, gold leaf]