The love life of the wanderer

I am not sure whether it is migration, nomadism or a hunger for an ‘other’ experience…it continues. I have nothing apart from this to report, nothing to inform about, no performances on the horizon, no new photos to show. Just a few lines to say that I am in motion and that is my practice at the moment.

An artist, a fellow wanderer, who I have been talking to a great deal recently and whose words, (as I interviewed him) will soon be appearing here, has been feeding my thoughts (and inhabiting my dreams) with the texts he writes, the ideas he explores and the life he lives. I’m also currently helping to keep the poetry in the translations of some of his texts.

One topic he returns to again and again is ‘LOVE’. Not the emotions, the romance but within the moment of ‘falling in love’, is the possibility of entering another dimension of time. Aeon time as opposed to Chronos time. I call it ‘the moment’: through it a ‘bubble of time’ emerges, time that is not the time of our day to day activities, the time of daily life, but the time of infinity.

Another word that came up in our conversations was ‘alone-ness’, though I think he meant ‘solitude’, the word ‘alone-ness’ has a different vibration: it conjures ‘loneliness’ too. The wanderer is alone, and fully acknowledges this state which is the weight of what is transported from place to place.

Through ‘alone-ness’ the link of LOVE to TIME becomes evident: we are born alone and die alone, ‘alone-ness’ is the natural state. The time of daily life is one that is developed through the ‘social’ aspect of our interactions: we need to relate to each other in a common measure of time, and also limit these relations through this measure.

Love, however, is an invitation to step outside of this measure of time: to change, to transform, to perceive in an unexpected way. Without love, a relationship is only about measuring time, passing time, to try to distract oneself from this ultimate ‘alone-ness’, this ‘vital solitude’, so it is simply populating the schedule of our days.

Love outside of all the films and flowers and expectations is really just about how we relate to others within concepts of time: the measured one or the infinite. Without love, there is only counting of minutes and hours and days. To dance, you have to wander or even fall into the time of love.







Spring clean on the site

Spring is a time of transformation and I have taken the iniatitive to spring-clean my site. I’ve re-ordered all my projects, writings and other information. I’ve added some new content including an extract from my latest performance of ‘Shaping Twilight’ at Tatwerk Berlin in March 2014.

Early next month I’ll be putting up a new interview and finally the film of ‘Black Marche Paris’ should be ready too.

Black Marche Paris, photo | Cecile Hillairet

Butoh Spring at Tatwerk, Berlin, 15 March

DominiqueBB will be performing a solo at Tatwerk in Berlin as part of the event `Butoh Spring´on Saturday 15 March 2014, an evening of 3 female solos also featuring the work of Marina Epp and Iphigenia Vogiatzaki. The event starts from 20h00, no booking is necessary, so please come and join us for an evening of dance and performance that addresses the body through an approach grounded in Butoh dance.

Saturday 15 March, 20h00, Tatwerk

More info  >


A Contemporary Homage – Talking to Takao

“…whatever the context is, to be contemporary is to be free from existing conventional methods and modes and ways to face reality, so you have to invent.” Takao Kawaguchi

As I continue my questioning of what is contemporary (Butoh), I realise that my questions relate not only to time but to perception, rhythms and processes. I’ve been talking to many artists I’ve met during my visits to Japan, trying to make sense of the parameters that operate over there. Through these conversations, I meet people whose culture, society and practice inspire me and open up new lines of inquiry.

Please read this fascinating conversation I had with Takao Kawaguchi last November >>

I’ve also cleared up my ‘WRITINGS‘ page as it was becoming chaotic, with the new links and structure I hope it’s easier to read!

Takao Kawaguchi
Takao Kawaguchi

A year of new collaborations and recreations

It’s the end of 2013 and I’ve been updating my site and videos after a year of recreations of some of my past projects and some exciting new projects in London and Tokyo.

March 2013: The first big project this year was Black Walk (London) presented through HAGISO Gallery, Tokyo as part of their opening exhibition ‘Third Life’. I walked through London from Woolwich to(wards) Teddington following paths and flows of immigration, questioning ideas of space and place. It was -1C and snowing and I had to end around Barnes.

watch the film >>

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.45.25 PM

May 2013: I recreated ‘Pas de Deux’, a solo piece I began to develop in 2009. I revisited it this year and presented it as part of an event at ‘Little Room’, London alongside 2 other artists working with dance and visual art.

The new ‘Pas de Deux’ was then presented 3 more times in Japan, at Chiyoda Arts 3331,Tokyo in August, Urban Guild in Kyoto in October and at Block House Gallery, Tokyo, for Najomo Art Project in November.

watch video >>

photo  |  A. Sasha Drodz
photo | A. Sasha Drodz

June 2013: ‘Black Marche Paris’ was the next stage of my urban walks, where I walked 50 km in a spiral through the 20 arrondissments of Paris accompanied by various participants who joined me along the way and helped create a film…which is still in post-production. With the support of Dimanche Rouge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.15.48 PM

July 2013: I worked on a photo project, DRAPO, as a first collaboration with photographer, Othello DeSouza-Hartley. Inspired by my Black Walk project, we created a humourous take on fashion, creating 15 looks from 3 items: a piece of cloth, a stick and a rope. Available for sale as a portable travel outfit.

DRAPO - 3 objects, many identities
DRAPO – 3 objects, many identities

October 2013: last year’s (2012) project ‘Black Box’ was presented this year at Gallery éf, a 150 year old Edo-period storehouse in Asakusa, Tokyo. It was recreated as a site-specific piece within this space, a cube of a room, finished in black-lacquer with clay walls 30 cms thick, invisible from the street, it embodied an atmosphere of claustrophobia and intimacy that challenged us to revisit the whole piece. I continued my collaboration with Arihiro Yamada (music, voice and sound) and lighting by Atsushi Kakumoto. The installation ran for 5 days and 2 sold out performances.


November 2013:‘Being & Seeing‘, a performance art piece was presented as part of ‘Out of Space’ at Kyozon Gallery in Aoyama,Tokyo. I worked in collaboration with musician and composer, Yas-Kaz an early collaborator of Tatsumi Hijikata’s. It was a first collaboration with this outstanding artist, using percussion and sounds to create games to explore the performativity and objectification in life-modelling and the moment of transformation into subject.


December 2013: I was commissioned by the Art Centre Keio University, Tokyo to present a piece in the Isamu Noguchi Room for the Week of Foreign Female Dancers. I created ‘The Shape of the Twilight’ and performed at 4pm on Saturday 14 December, a new and really exciting collaboration with experimental musician and singer, Yosuke Fujita: described by many who attended as a ‘perfect match’ of dance and sound.

Photo  |   Nobuo Shiga
Photo | Nobuo Shiga

‘The Shape of the Twilight’/黄昏の形 in the Isamu Noguchi Room 14 December

I will perform a site-specific piece at the Noguchi Room, Keio University Mita Campus as part of ‘The Week of Foreign Female Dancers’. This event looks at the work of female dancers who have trained in Butoh and integrated it into their dance and performance work. Other dancers whose work is featured in this mini festival include SU-EN (Sweden), Camille Mutel (France), Jocelyne Montpetit (Canada) and Natsu Nakajima (Japan).

‘The Shape of the Twilight’/黄昏の形

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.10.21 PM

Buckminster Fuller compared Isamu Noguchi to an aeroplane, saying “both supported a new era that integrated separate civilzations’ experiences into a shared human history and geography.”

As the sun sets in Japan, the day begins in the UK. Today I am in Tokyo but in 7 days I will be in London. My body is here but a part of me has already begun the journey back, disappearing with the sun, becoming a twilight presence, oscillating between these spaces: these two places a revolution or so away, connected by the sun. My existence stretched across the globe.

“I work everywhere. I feel myself equally settled wherever I am: people all over welcome me as their country fellow and that is both pleasant and sad for me: since I have not got a home.” Isamu Noguchi

For this performance I will collaborate with musician, Yosuke Fujita:

Fujita Yosuke
Fujita Yosuke

The Week of Foreign Female Dancers in Tokyo


I will be performing as part of this event alongside dancers Nakajima Natsu, SU-EN, Camille Mutel and Jocelyne Monpetit. My performance inspired by the time of day that I will perform and Noguchi’s ‘MU’ sculpture on the roof garden, will be ‘The Shape of the Twilight’/黄昏の形

Date: 14 December 2013

Keio University Mita Campus, Isamu Noguchi Room

Time: 16H00

The performance is free but please book at the link below

‘MU’ by Isamu Noguchi


Pas de Deux at Block House Gallery

Pas de Deux is a piece that combines film and dance to create a richly visual space. In this world of red curtains, masks and light the ontology of performance is explored through the energies of this space and the relations between objects, performer and audience. The Pas de Deux becomes a dance of inner and outer selves and how they emerge and metamorphose under the gaze of the audience and in the glare of the lights.Previously presented at Spice Festival, London; Barcelona Butoh Festival; Chiyoda Arts 3331, Tokyo; UrbanGuild, Kyoto; this piece has developed and changed with each presentation.

Pas de Deux will be presented at Block House Gallery Harajuku, within the Najomo Art Project Vol. 1 ‘Expando’ series.

Dominique Bonarjee 3

‘Being & Seeing’ at Kyozon Gallery 22-11-13

I’m showing a new performance idea tonight at Kyozon Gallery as part of ‘Out of Space’. This piece explores points of oscillation between subject and object by combining dancing and painting on a huge 3.6 x 3 m canvas. Inspired by the spectatorship involved in life-drawing I began to question the power relationships that lead to these oscillations. And then the moment at which the subject is compelled to leave a trace of their own presence: in drawing, painting and words.

Tonight I’ll be collaborating with percussionist and composer YAS-KAZ.

If you are in Tokyo, please come. It starts at 19h00 and there are 2 other performances in this event themed around identity/foreignness, memory, and the body.