Love is in the Wireframe

Love is in the Wireframe is emerging from my research into ‘free time’, brain waves, flow states and liquidity. I am collaborating with a sound designer and a MAX programmer to turn this into an interactive sound experience for digital platforms during the lockdown.

Free Tine workshop with freelancers, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, 2018

Data visualization of Free Time, programming by Jamie Forth

The search for the measure of free time took the route of craft and the flow state.

After a chance meeting with Hannah Perner-Wilson at Spectrum in Berlin, we worked with Kobakant, an electronic tailoring collective based in Berlin, to develop a hand-crafted sensor-embedded wearable made from conductive crochet. It would collect data from my ‘free time’ movement practices and create the sound of free time.

Development of the Crochet Resistance Suit with Kobakant
Futures of the Real / Performance-lecture at PG Annual Conference, Goldsmiths University 2019
Mariam Arid / interview about craft and flow states

Mariam Arid, a crochet expert joined us a few months into the project. She had arrived as a refugee from Syria and her placement at the KOBA shop was a way for her to learn German and to work. She became a collaborator and contributor as we continued to shape the wearable and the project.

I interviewed Mariam about how her experience of time when she is doing crochet work. The interview film was screened at Tate Exchange in March 2019.

How to get what you want / Performance @KOBA Exhibition (01/2019)

The finished costume / photo: Xavier Antoinnet