Let the Music Make Them Dance

#installationart #surveillance #entrainment #liquidity #collapse #posthumandances #automatism #shoshanazuboff

An installation presented at The Gallery, MARs Research Hub, Goldsmiths University of London (05/2019)

“Here, as they say ‘the emphasis is on work’. We work 13 hour days, we get three breaks to interrupt the monotony, but very soon you even stop looking forward to the breaks, because you know that as soon as the break is over you will be back to the work, and in the end you have to find a way to simply work and look forward to nothing.”  (notes after a Vipassana Retreat)


In this mixed media installation I reflect on a comment Shoshana Zuboff, author of the book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, attributes to a a data scientist she meets in the course of her research for the publication.

The space is composed of a number of elements including a two screen installation to the remixed sound of Muzak, automatic drawings from a daily movement practice and other objects. During the exhibition I offered visitors a choice of different meditation practices to experience. I would hook them up to a commercial EEG monitor, the MUSE headband and together we attempt to synchronise our brainwaves. I then gave them a screenshot of their ‘data-selfie’ to take home.