Installation at Goldsmiths Creekside Project Space, December 2019

Material: body, wood, 3d printed plastic, gold leaf, seaweed, fungus, perspex, acrylic on canvas, ink on paper drawings, rope, leather, wig, office chair, jesmonite, glass, 4k video and sound.

Sound design with Joel Cahen

Photography | Elly Clarke

The sociologist Roger Caillois describes Ilinx as a game that induces a temporary vertigo and disorienntation leading to altered perception: a sense of ‘voluptuous panic’.

Inside the installation, the game of ilinx surrounds the viewer. The space has its own order of things constructed as a geometric puzzle of animated objects – weights, measures, membranes. Everything is moving, breathing, watching, as the immersive soundscape envelops the visitor in a composition that moves in a frequency range between meditative theta sounds and the latent anxiety awakened by squealing synths.

A kaleidoscopic moving image piece dominates the space with hypnotic images of oceanic movement and liquidity, in a watery texture that oscillates between the organic and the machinic: subaquatic world of Jean Painlevé to the industrial symmetries of Busby Berkeley’s scopic seduction.

In a small inner space at the far end of the space, the squelch of slime and flesh surround a body caught in a Sisyphean cycle. Leaning precariously on a prosthesic stick, a third leg or limb, this creature keeps slipping into a mound of jelly . It slowly disintegrates and dries out, as its water content invisibly evaporates.