E=H2O & Mind Rave

Artist: Dominique Savitri Bonarjee

Exhibition: MIXED BAG, James Hatcham Church, Goldsmiths University of London

photo: Chaong-Wen Ting
Living water, E=H2O, 2022

As well as liquid, solid or gas, there is a fourth phase of water, when the ions become polarized and generate charge. In this viscous state of living water, water becomes electric. Gerald Pollack, the scientist who discovered the fourth phase of water, proposes a new equation for energy:

E= H2O

The installation E=H2O is a poem to life, energy and regeneration, conceived as a circuit of organic components, made of aquatic, vegetal, animal matter, combined with reclaimed conductive copper parts from electrical and electronic gadgets.

In the ancient imaginal of India, transmitted through the Vedic texts, the movement of manifestation, decreation and evolution of matter and consciousness happen through two interpenetrating forces, Purusa and Prakriti. The third aspect that activates this flux is the Pranic breath.

At the origin of this perpetual movement is the vibration of AUM.

Oceanic Tempos, E=H2O, 2022

In E=H2O water becomes the protagonist, a mysterious life juice that propagates and nurtures this process of movement through states of impermanence, by penetrating, infiltrating, absorbing, evaporating and reactivating the many fragments of the circuit in unpredictable ways.

The elements of the work are the outcome of an artistic process and methodology that explores the flow state described by psychologist M. Csikszentmihalyi through somatic and haptic craft practices. Flow is a state of immersion, effortlessness and timelessness that arises through activities that challenge body and mind in unison.

Attention Cocoon, E=H2O, 2022

E=H2O will be activated through a live event on Friday 25 February 2022. The activation is conceived as a MIND RAVE that experiments with the theory of rasa in Indian aesthetics. Rasa denotes an ‘art situation’ that triggers a nondual experience for the witness, emerging from a quality of listening that brings about a distributed attunement to the more-than-human. In many traditions (Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist) the nondual experience is described in oceanic terms, what Romain Rolland came to call ‘oceanic feeling’ in his letters to Sigmund Freud.

The Mind Rave combines sound, light, movement and swaying to invoke the rasa effect.

The Crochet Resistance Suit, collaboration with Kobakant Collective, 2021

“The Mind Rave is an immersive experience created through dance, a live electronic soundscape, public participation and the interaction of various objects in space. The sound is live-generated through sensors and circuits that are activated via the performers’ body movements, touch, sweat and direct contact with substances or materials that act as performative agents. The public is compelled to partake in the Mind Rave through objects that can be activated during the performance, such as cymbals (to be played as one desires), cylindrical head pieces (to be carefully worn as ‘attention cocoons’), turquoise scented jelly (to be held in a handful) and broken mirrors (used to direct the light onto the performance stage). The experience generates a ritualistic and meditative space where the participants lose themselves in time through repetition, micro-movements and looped sounds. Its impermanent installation galvanises a space of heightened yet soft haptic sensoriality, which can never be repeated a second time: each experience is unique to the specific Mind Rave iteration.”

Giulia Casalini, independent curator

Link to fabrication of the Crochet Resistance Suit with Kobakant >>

Tales of Fabrication film screened at Tate Exchange, 2019