What do we Know About Free Time?

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There is a knot in my stomach as we take off. I am sitting on the plane back to Berlin after the first meetings at the university: my breath is shallow, my pulse louder than the hissing drone of the vacuumed air inside the cabin. It was no fear of flying: I was considering the stretch of time that lay ahead – three years to make a ‘unique contribution to knowledge‘. My inner systems were gearing into overdrive as the roaring engines had done a few minutes ago, just before the humming began. I was anxiously glimpsing at the prospect of the work to come, and I wondered ‘but what about free time?’

PHASE 1 / ‘What do we know about free time?’

3 x workshops with #freelancers @theaterhausmitte


PHASE 2 /  Can an Artificial Intelligence experience free time?

Interview with Dr Aleksandr Drozd, Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Supported by Goldsmiths University Art Department, Research Support Award


PHASE 3 / Measuring Free Time with wearable tech

Invention Creativity and Experience Award from Goldsmiths University to observe, measure and generate data about Free Time using the latest #wearabletech. Collaboration with Dr Jamie Forth from the Computer Science department.

‘What do we know about free time?’ / A series of participatory movement workshops using wearable technology to engage with embodiment and metrics in data capture and harvesting (Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, 2017-2018)

‘What do we know about Free Time?’ movement research with participants / May 2018       [photos: Arata Mori]

PHASE 4 / KOBA commission for KobaKant E-tailoring Collective (Berlin) to create a wearable sensor out of crochet.

Full project documentation for the costume development at KOBA E-Tailor shop >>

#flow #haptic #craftrevolution #work #postlabour

Can the haptic qualities of manual labour invoke flow states?

3/12/2018 / An interview with Mariam Arid, crochet master for the project with KOBAKANT, e-textile Collective, Berlin. She escaped the war in Syria and walked to Europe with her son.

“I feel comfortable because I forget, I forget the bad thoughts for this moment. I’m counting while I’m crocheting, I’m counting so there’s no place for other thoughts. That’s why I feel good.” Mariam Arid

Screenings / Tate Exchange (03/2019) / Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present symposium, Hong Kong (06/2019)

PHASE 5 / Dance Residency at @CLOUDDansLab, The Hague

Mixed Media performative installation / plaster sculptures / wearable technology / EEG headband,, smart phones & MacBook Pro

Sculpture concept / the sculptures are made during the dance research process, ‘freezing’ moments according to the EEG feedback: when the dancer is in a deep theta flow state (according to the EEG feedback), the dancer freezes and the part of the body under most tension is quickly covered in plaster to keep an impression of this moment in time.

Performance / Installation at CLOUD DansLab / 2018           [photos: Ivo Juriaan Mensch]
CloudDans_2 th
Spire Breath Monitor application / Installation view
The Lexicon of Free Time

PHASE 6 / Art Research Presentation, Goldsmiths University of London

Guest respondent: Astrida Neimanis, author of ‘Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology’

Performance and screening of Fragility as Constraint, a moving image work based on research into Soft Robotics.

‘Fragility as Constraint’/ HD video & sound

PHASE 7 / Film: the Measure of Leisure

Supported by @CHASE_DTP

EMERGENT PROJECT >> The Ediacara is Near