The Ediacara is Near

/ current research and performance-lecture, installation / #bodiesofwater #ediacarabiota #liquidity #flow #posthumandances

The Ediacara Biota also called the Ediacaran Garden was a very early period in the evolution of life on earth which began 650 million years ago. It was wiped out with the Cambrian Explosion and the new breed of predators that soon developed. Before this these creatures lived in a sort of utopian Garden of Eden without threat. The organisms were soft bodied and they floated jellyfish-like in the ocean absorbing nutrients directly through their outer membrane, just like plants do with sunlight.

Imagine a world without fear, without competition, without the logic of the survival of the fittest, where you can simply move with the currents, go with the flow.


Sound, performance and mixed media installation: sensors, costume, EEG, iPAD, moving image, sound interface, speakers, text

The costume object is a handcrafted wearable which sends movement data via OSC to a Max Patch, creating a multilayered and meditative soundscape alongside the standard Muse EEG brainwave sounds of a beach.  The dancer moves through a choreographic method called Liquidity in a flowing and sensuous performance that aims to bring about a meditative state to the viewer through entrainment, a flow state of calm and rest.

It is a calling forth of the oceanic consciousness, the watery feminine and of a group imagination, a ‘we’ space for an ever so brief instant.




Movement research  / @FloatingUniversity, Berlin (06/2018)

Futures of the Real / Performance-lecture at PG Annual Conference, Goldsmiths University (06/2019)

How to get what you want: Tales of Fabrication / Performance-lecture at Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, Tai Kwun Centre for the Arts, Hong Kong

How to get what you want / Performance @KOBA Exhibition (01/2019)

[after reading Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark]

Imagine a world, where everyone has everything they want.
Do you think this is impossible?
Imagine a society where you get what you want, everything you want,
Without money, without work, without suffering.
You get what you want, every time
All the time.

This will soon be possible.

You see,
Intelligence enables control.
We have harnessed it, now and
Each step creates the next.
Although the path is still invisible
We are walking along.
Step by step.
It is the path
To the wonderful future,
Where we decide our destiny.

In this new world, we can become free
To become what we want,
Whatever we want.

Carbon-based evolution has ended
And a new revolution of consciousness begins,
For all to enjoy,
Humans, animals and other life forms.
Hierarchies too will disappear,
There is no more war, or pain,
No more sickness.
There is happiness.
There will be leisure time.
There will be culture, art, sport.
There is no more dominance
We will be equal
And free.

Do you want more fun, do you want more flow in your life?
Do you want things to get better?
Have you been waiting?
Have you had enough of waiting?
Is this what you work so hard for?
Is this what you prayed for?
Was this what you dreamed for your life?
After all those years and hours and days of toil, that you could one day,
Be free, to do what you want.
Simply to be.

The good news is, that it’s coming soon,
Faster than you think.
It’s only going to get brighter from here.

Are you ready for the transformation?
Do you want to be free?
Are you ready to be yourself?
Are you ready to get what you want?

What do you want?