Love is in the Wireframe / research

/ current research and performance-lecture, installation / #bodiesofwater #ediacarabiota #liquidity #flow #posthumandances

The costume object is a handcrafted wearable which sends movement data via OSC to a Max Patch, creating a multilayered and meditative soundscape. 

This project was originally funded by the Invention Creativity and Experience Award (ICE) from Goldsmiths University for a research collaboration with Dr Jamie Forth. We worked with Kobakant, an electronic tailoring collective based in Berlin to develop a crafted wearable sensor from conductive crochet.

Development of the Crochet Resistance Suit with Kobakant
Futures of the Real / Performance-lecture at PG Annual Conference, Goldsmiths University 2019

Mariam Arid / interview about craft and flow states

How to get what you want: Tales of Fabrication / Performance-lecture at Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, Tai Kwun Centre for the Arts, Hong Kong.

How to get what you want / Performance @KOBA Exhibition (01/2019)