Drawings / Prints /Paintings

/ #automatism #doodle #psychotechnology #freetime

The Origins of Desire / screen print series

Series of 20 each / 420 x 600 mm

Automatic Drawings



3 heads for anarchy: Mishima, Artaud, Kubikukuri, 2017 / triptych, collage & pigment ink on paper, 42 x 60cm each


untitled (brain waves and EEG data), 2018, pigment ink on paper, HD video / Courtesy of Theorem, Ruskin Gallery



untitled (origins), screenprint on paper from an original drawing

500 x 700 mm (2019), edition of 10


Swarm series



ongoing series | sumi ink, acrylic, marker pen, graphite pencil (420 x 594 mm)

The Shima Eight, 2017

Portraits of eight local residents from the small spa town of Shima Onsen, Japan. Most of them are pensioners, but they are still involved in running businesses, snack stands and hotels. I drew these portraits during a residency in the town for Nakanojo Biennale 2017.

I was fascinated by their lines and I used the drawings as a basis for making a 9 metre long scroll and collage.

drawings with ball point pen, 500 x 700 mm

Inverted identities

Linocut prints on paper, various sizes, ongoing series

What is Woman?

Series of six drawings | pen, ink, acrylic, collage on paper


Self-Portrait as a fox | ink on paper mache



 sumi ink, pen on paper

Inside Out
Inside Out | Ink
Centre | ink on paper



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