Black Walks / drapeau

[performance, photo, objects, dimensions variable]


three objects, multiple identities

Part of the Black Walks project series, Drapeau takes its inspiration from the objects a Buddhist monk must carry on their journey towards enlightenment, Drapeau offers a concise (anti) fashion formula for the urban nomad seeking to explore sartorial identities with 3 simple accessories:

1 x stick

1 x long piece of cotton rope

1 x large (approx. 1 m x 1.6m) piece of black cotton fabric

Live performance demonstration available on request.

Photography in collaboration with Othello DeSouza-Hartley

Beyond Bounds | a collaboration with Othello De’Souza Hartley

Dominique was interested in Othello’s ‘Masculinity Project (Phase 5)’ and Othello wanted to know more about the performative aspect of the ‘Black Series’. The starting point for Beyond Bounds was Drapeau. Here the collaboration started, keeping these simple objects they created a new piece together, ‘Beyond Bounds’, which opens a conversation between their individual practices around gendered identities and notions of freedom.