Art Statement

People interacting with my drawings, videos, choreographies, and poetic texts often report experiencing a shift in consciousness, of how they make sense of the world and their place in it. This ‘glitch’ effect follows the invitation of the uncanny, rippling through the body, its intuitions, rhythms and repetitions. New possibilities for perception emerge.

In my studio practice I engage with the movements of Automatism, Gutai and Abstract Expressionism in approaching the process of ‘making’ as a form of physical work where free will and flow states are constantly at play. Through a compositional attention to dynamics, rhythms, and repetition I weave these impulses into outcomes.

Inventing techniques for exploring consciousness, I propose embodied methods of sense-making through dance, performance, contemplation and Eastern meditation and somatic practices. This is both an alternative and often a playful subversion of the (Western) rationalist approach of the artificial intelligence researcher or neuroscientist, who strives to make sense by use of measure, predictability, usefulness and efficiency.

My works reveal how systems of power impose norms which impact on identity, the sacred and our personal sense of value and of time. The ability they have to affect intimate realms of consciousness by allowing, or obstructing the imagination, the sensorial and the possibility of relations to other (nonhuman) entities and spaces becomes viscerally clear.

“Dominique is searching for a new invisible space which only comes out of her body, beyond any intellectual meaning.” Takeshige Shinichi, Tokyo dance critic

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee 2019