Art Statement

Working across mediums, I keep my practice intuitive and engaged with each new work. My locus of concern revolves around the body as a presence in constant flux and through it I question its changing landscape within different environments: these include architecture and nature, as well as social systems of language, identity and gender and the body’s politicization through its own physiological systems of hierarchy. This line of questioning emanating directly from the body unifies my practice and returns to the inquiry around the ‘self’ as individual or socially constructed entity.

I investigate this conceptually and ‘fantastically’, positing the body within the realm of ‘endless becoming’ through the provocation of the ‘body without limits’ and the ‘body beyond meaning’. Identities on the ‘edge’ are a source of inspiration for me, a way to explore criticality and Elizabeth Grosz’ notion of the ‘untimely’, a recurring investigation linked to my own mixed cultural heritage and experiences which connect French/Indian/British/Zimbabwean and Japanese cultures.

My images explore a ‘beautiful / grotesque’, introducing language, to subvert and question its meaning and power to command. Through a nomadic practice, immersing myself in the unknown, I experience my body as other.

My practice emerges from a background in contemporary performance and has progressively moved towards interventions, installations and moving image which opens up the work to public space and new and unpredictable environments .

“Dominique is searching for a new invisible space which only comes out of her body, beyond any intellectual meaning.” Takeshige Shinichi, Tokyo dance critic

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee 2016