Dominique’s practice spans performance, drawing, craft, installation and moving image. Like a stealthy ‘rhythm-analyst’, she explores the resonance of time and measure, where the body is her primary medium of investigation and intuition. Hers is an inquiry that crosses multiple structural scales, from micro to macro, moving across species and matter, addressing identity as both expansive and fluid.

Starting from movement-based methods, she develops ways of dancing with the instability of contemporary times: the world is ‘wobbling’ and the way to navigate this phase transition is to wobble with it. Thinking through a watery logic of hydrofeminism (A. Neimanis), she reimagines oceanic feeling through physicist, David Bohm’s, notion of the implicate order. Her recurring waveform aesthetics, both in movement and mark-making, are a subversion of linearity and thus of rigid categories: instead she invites the viewer’s gaze, ear, and kinesthetic senses, to wade alongside hers towards the felt dimension of embodiment. She pursues methods of automatism inspired by Surrealism, to enact altered states of consciousness. Inspired by her cultural background and her own practice of Buddhist and spiritual psychotechnologies, she looks to (re)awaken the sensorium to an expanded experience of the ‘absolute present’: where bodies and things intermingle in a porous encounter of more-than-human eroticism. Wanting to reawaken wonder through touch, care, poetics and participatory actions, her works seek to interrupt the ‘taken for granted’ in daily life by re-membering the intricate relations of the planetary body.

Recent exhibitions: screening at Lofoten International Arts Festival 2019, a collaboration with Astrida Neimanis; lecture-performance at Tai Kwun Centre in Hong Kong for the ASAP Annual Symposium (2019); screening at Tate Exchange (2019); artist-in-residence at Cloud DansLab, The Hague in 2018. She is currently a PhD candidate in Art at Goldsmiths University of London.