Sex Re-Boot at Iklectik 27 may 2022

I will be composing a MIND RAVE as part of SEX RE-BOOT at Iklectik Art Lab on 27 May 2022. This is an embodied sound experience incorporating prototyped electronics, crochet technology, dance, voice and sculptures, which will be amplified using Iklectik’s 3d Amoenus sound system. The activation deploys a conductive assemblage of sensors, skins and threads that makes audible, the invisible agencies of electromagnetism, gravity, ambient humidity, and more.

About Sex Re-Boot:

IKLECTIK is thrilled to present the first onsite event as part of the new Performance art curatorial fellowship curated by Dyana Gravina

The first of 3 stages research, (Jan-May), looked into posthumanist theories in relation, or friction, with embodiment, sex and pleasure through an intersectional feminist approach. 

The research led to concerns related to how ‘humalike’ technologies, AI sex Robots in particular, and how they replicate ideas of heteronormative power structures and aesthetics, violence, systems of oppression, with a specific focus on the notions of ‘female’, pleasure and its exploitation. 

To start thinking of a cyborg, queer and ethically repurposed technologies, this platform wants to address these issues and invest in social change within an interdisciplinary framework. 

To start thinking of a cyborg, queer and ethically repurposed technologies, this platform wants to address these issues and invest in social change within an interdisciplinary framework. 
Selected artists: Sian Fan (@sianfan), Dominique Savitri Bonarjee (@dominique_savitri), Portia Yuran Li (@portia__lee) and Sasha Wilde (@sashakinwilde) + Byuka + Nicole Bettencourt Coelho (@nmbc). 

Read more about the event and the artists performing on our website. 
Link in bio for tickets & info. 

Image on the flyer: Partial Object 1, Sian Fan, 2017. 

Describe your ethnic background

It’s been brewing for a while. Finally I decided to share. I’ve created a new section on my website WRITING where I’ll be publishing texts. It will be sporadic and dependent on my time — I’m still in the throes of a PhD and publishing a book.

But at the same time, I couldn’t wait any longer. There is too much happening around me that is touching me, encroaching into my intimate experiences and urging me to write, to speak and to share. What really convinced me to do so though, is that I’ve been speaking to so many others who have similar experiences and feel alienated from the current terms and names and categories that are placed as the obligatory gate-keepers for any participation in political, social and cultural debate.

The first essay is now online:

Describe Your Ethnic Background: the Long Story

“Sometime back I was sitting at a long white oval table in a seminar room with two professors. A question arose. A certain air of consternation hovered about the question like a monsoon storm cloud about to burst. I was being asked: ‘what are your politics?’ Where did I stand on issues of race, gender and class? The second question was only implied, but I know that what I was actually being asked about were my allegiances, or more bluntly, my identity.

I was under scrutiny, an attempt at capture. I felt myself beginning to heat up, the sweat of panic seeping from my pores. My squirming countenance might leak out the reality concealed beyond my endless attempts at camouflage. But what is that reality, what lies in the sub-cutaneous realm of my politics, of my allegiances, of my identity?

The charge of the storm cloud, although invisible, was latent. The silent concern surrounded my research title The Space of the Nameless. For an academic doctoral project, it was too ‘open’, too naïve perhaps, worryingly unaware of theories of difference; of critical race theory, of feminist theory, of post-colonial theory, thus not intellectual enough, not critical enough, too blindly optimistic. Was I imagining a world without the need for names, labels, categories? Was I entertaining the illusion of a flaccid, homogenous unity by calling for namelessness?”… READ ON >>

I AM HERE NOW | ICH IM HIER & JETZT / 27 . 08 . 2021

KUNSTFEST WEIMAR and IDOLON STUDIO from Taiwanese curator Chun-Chi Wang present I am here now / Ich im Hier & Jetzt. Artworks and live performances by various Taiwanese artists will be shown and displayed in Holzdorf Manor Park.

I will be working with artist Chaong Wen Ting, with whom I collaborated at Nakanojo Biennale 2017 in the piece The Material Moment. His installation combines materials that are naturally related to the elements of the Holzdorf Park. I’ll bring body material, sound elements and organic sculptures, that animate Ting’s work and open up compositional conversation across the elements.