Craft Object Series

When I decide to make an object, I don’t normally decide to make an object. Time is more important than outcome: I devise repetitive behaviours, inspired by the temporal quality of craftsmanship. The objects that emerge are time containers, and they emit the tempo of their creation.

Nakanojo Studio, 2017 (photo | Chaong Wen Ting)

The craft methods I’m most interested in are those associated with ‘women’s work’: in societies that have very defined gender roles, and where the woman is expected to be a home-maker, these crafts are an outlet of creativity, affective self-regulation and allow for free time from chores and duties.

The tempo of craft is also a channel for experiencing flow states: moments of effortlessness and timelessness while being engaged in an activity according to psychologist M. Czikszentmihalyi.

Sri Yantra / 12 hours of work
Syncopé / typhoon
Black Box