Performance series, various location / 2015 – present

Bodies, asphalt, grass, air, wood, wind, weather, gravity, myriad other entities

standing /
letting go /
collapsing /
thinking /
forgetting /
thinking, again /
then a knee joint /
the sudden weight of a hand /
pulling it all /
dissolving the past /
remembering the future /
the time of not-thinking /
when quivering on the edge /
a foot drags sideways

every thing lurches /
trembling /
surrendering /
the threshold of no return /
now collapsing / collapsing /


“if power is complex, scattered and productive, so must be our resistance to it.”

Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman

Collapse was part of a collaboration with Astrida Neimanis for the Kelp Congress, Lofoten Arts Festival 2019 (produced by Siouxzi Connor); Collapse, Sunset commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Space for Encounter Bow (curator: Alisa Oleva); Collapse 2-channel moving image work, Let the Music Make Them Dance ; Collapse, Brexit a participatory ritual outside Kings Cross sation, London; Collapse Artvivors, commissioned by Spreeknie Festival 2016; Collapse Delphi 2016 | Made of Walking Art Residency (curated by Geert Vermeire); Collapse Manchester, commissioned by Håb and Wordofwarning for Hazard 2016; Collapse, Funkhaus 2016; Collapse, Teufelsberg 2015; Collapse, Shimbashi 2015.

Please contact me for video links to Collapse