Performance series, various location / 2015 – present

Bodies, asphalt, grass, air, wood, wind, weather, gravity, myriad other entities

Collapse is the dance of gravity and body material.

Collapse is to allow, to receive, to slip, together

and sometimes to resist.

Because dance moves by resistance.

Collapse is to experience edges and limits

and to dissolve self through them.

standing /
letting go /
collapsing /
thinking /
forgetting /
thinking, again /
then a knee joint /
the sudden weight of a hand /
pulling it all /
dissolving the past /
remembering the future /
the time of not-thinking /
when quivering on the edge /
a foot drags sideways

every thing lurches /
trembling /
surrendering /
the threshold of no return /
now collapsing / collapsing /


“if power is complex, scattered and productive, so must be our resistance to it.”

Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman

Collapse was part of a collaboration with Astrida Neimanis for the Kelp Congress, Lofoten Arts Festival 2019 (produced by Siouxzi Connor); Collapse, Sunset commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Space for Encounter Bow (curator: Alisa Oleva); Collapse 2-channel moving image work, Let the Music Make Them Dance ; Collapse, Brexit a participatory ritual outside Kings Cross sation, London; Collapse Artvivors, commissioned by Spreeknie Festival 2016; Collapse Delphi 2016 | Made of Walking Art Residency (curated by Geert Vermeire); Collapse Manchester, commissioned by Håb and Wordofwarning for Hazard 2016; Collapse, Funkhaus 2016; Collapse, Teufelsberg 2015; Collapse, Shimbashi 2015.

Please contact me for video links to Collapse