Movement research and performance project with Lucette.

Performance / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, 2018.

Screened at Nakanojo Biennale, 2017

Cinematography | Arata Mori

In the dance studio, another tempo reveals itself – if you’re lucky. To cross the threshold is to enter an unexpected rhythm, the possibility of a portal out of the quotidian, its habits and patterns of thought.

A life in the home, with its obligations, duties and roles, also has an order of time, and with it, come the structures of family, the sedimented relations that prevent the vulnerable encounter. I invited my mother, Lucette, to step out of that space and ino the studio with me, to spend a week together, wallowing in the messy time of the unknown, the unstructured time of being there, the unpredictable time of wanting to be creative‘, and its frustrations, explorations and moments of rapture. Through questions, silences, improvisations, we moved through our thinking – wondering who was the choreographer, who was the dancer and what we were doing in this room together.

And the gift? – from these two bodies stretching out in time, that both emit time, that also contain time, time itself begins to appear.

Performance at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, April 2018

[photos: Arata Mori, Ronald Spratte]

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