The Four Dignities – Butoh workshop 28 & 29 November

Dance exists between zero and one, when you get to one, you must return to zero“, Yoshito Ohno

Butoh emerged as a physical language of actions, happenings and revolt in 1960s Tokyo. Today it has gained popularity as a dance or theatre form in many countries. At its origins Butoh, more than a form, is a method for exploring what the moving, lived body is as flesh, as structure, as semiotic object.

In this workshop we will explore the material quality of the body through the concept of the ‘Four Dignities of Zen’ walking, standing, sitting and lying down. As the basic positions through which the body exists the majority of the time, we will become conscious of the minutiae of movement that are at work within the structures of our bodies. Moving between these states through alternate points of reference including space, time, anatomy and imagery we will move into dance as we go towards 1…and then go back to zero.

It is at this zero level that a dance can emerge directly from awareness and sensitivity. Over the 2 days we will move between subjective and objective positions of experience and observation of the body, always referring back to the creation of the body for dance and performance by developing solo pieces and group works.

This is an open-level workshop open to artists, performers, dancers and people with an interest in movement.

Place: London Buddhist Arts Centre, Bullards Place, London E2 0PT
Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm
Advance booking: £ 100 full / £ 85 conc. (2 days): £ 60 / £ 50 (1 day)

Payment on the day: £ 110 / 90 / 65

EMAIL RESERVATION & INFO dominique.bonarjee[at]

Feedback and comments from previous workshops:

“Thank you for a lovely workshop … I really am fascinated by this idea of ​​body as material also as it’s a really interesting part of Butoh that you brought to my attention – I usually use a lot of images and it was good for me to not use those images but go into the body as it is. “Azzie

” It was a really inspiring positive experience which provided me with food for thought, increased body awareness and gave me a great idea !! Big thanks to Dominique and the other people at the workshop It was great. ” Tania