Archived works

Pas de Deux

HD video, sound, animation, rubber, wax, costume, live performance

Little Room, London 2013 | Hackney Empire, London 2010 | Barcelona Dance Festival 2010 |  Bergen (Norway) 2010 | ‘Infinite Variety’, London, 2009 (screening)

Japan: Block House Gallery (Najomo Art Project), Tokyo 2013 | Chiyoda Arts 3331,Tokyo 2013 |  Urban Guild, Kyoto 2013.

[documentation available on request]

Research performances

Dance Festival, Keio University, Tokyo 2015

De Via Negativa, Festival Danse Directe, 2015

The Theatre of the Viscera

La Nef Manufacture d’Utopies, Paris, 2010

“a series of organic thresholds through which our life’s energy are controlled, pushed, purified, energized, assessed, judged, punished, expelled, purged, discarded” Etienne Kallos

Mixed media installation, performance, live music

Collaborators | Matt Jackson, Ingrid Hu 

Environmental Entanglement

Connecticut USA 2010

Performance, sculpture, found objects, masks, drawing

Collaborators: Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, Matt Jackson, Justin Perlman and Adelka Polak, and Michael Pestel.


Research residency at Tanzhaus Zurich with Cie Tand

with Linda Remahl, Iris Seewald, Seraina Dejaco, Mark Carberry

Presented at Zurich Museum of Design and , 2008. A collaborative work developed through a residency ,  as Cie. Tand.

The process of development was our primary exploration in this project. For the presentation of the work we had to have recourse to a performative frame in order to structure some aspects of this process.

Supported by Kulturstiftung, Switzerland.

First Position

Seamus Ryan Photo Studio, London, 2008

Performance, mixed media installation, photography, SD video, sound

‘A riddle that interrogates the makers and consumers of fashion images.’

Developed at SPACE, Clarence Mews

Supported by Arts Council England and Seamus Ryan Photography



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