Dominique has a multi-disciplinary approach in her art and performance practice. She creates powerful images that disturb accepted structures of society and identity and explore the gaps in between. The primacy of the body and its’ connection to the space and environment recurs within her work, and draws inspiration from Japanese postwar performance art and Butoh’s  notion of ‘body material’.

Her nomadic journeys are a conscious way to address her identity as an artist and to become aware of the social and cultural influences of place on her work. Being from a mixed background, Indian and French and growing up in Europe and Africa ,her references are varied, pushing her to constantly question the concept of ‘otherness’ within her own experience of the unknown.

Dominique is based in London and has presented work internationally in France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Spain, Switzerland,USA, Armenia, India and Zimbabwe.

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee 2017