Collapse: Brexit 2019 | 29 March, London

We are no nearer to knowing what will happen on 29th March 2019. The action but I’m planning to mark this day, Collapse: Brexit 2019 does not rely on knowing what will happen : perhaps the whole ‘divorce from the EU’ will be delayed as it seems that the UK politicians themselves do not know what to do. Collapse indeed relies on not knowing, and sensing how this not knowing can become a generative process for the imagination, this is why I call this a Poetics of Activism: it’s not about knowing where you stand or your allegiances, but knowing that you don’t know everything that is part of a complex world, and this need not make us hopeless or prevent engagement and participation.

I’m still looking for participants I would like to join me in collapsing on 29 March. This Collapse will take place no matter what happens.

Facebook event link >>

Collapse Brexit pdf Flyer >>





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