Teaching in London 4 November

I will be teaching some classes through Butoh UK on 28 October and 4 November at the Buddhist Arts Centre in Bethnal Green.

7 – 9.00pm, drop-in £ 12, no previous experience is necessary open to artists, dancers, performer, etc…*

Venue: London Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, Bethnal Green, E2.

My teaching is based on my own experiences with a variety of Butoh dancers in Japan over the past 3 years where I have done a self-directed research project into the origins of Butoh and the contemporary currents of this form. To this I have applied my previous dance and movement training to create an amalgam approach for creating with the body, I call it ‘body material’ in tribute to Tatsumi Hijikata.

Working from the principle of the body as a material with properties of weight, density, resistance which are constantly changing and transforming, my focus is on developing new perceptions on live presence within space and time.

More details on ButohUK >>

* Some experience of movement or dance training is advisable and please read the disclaimer on the ButohUK website.

Weight | ink on paper
Weight | ink on paper




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