Homework of my Blood – what is ‘woman’?

…the expansion of presents towards the past and the future, their coexistence, indexes the possibility for an ethical remembering necessary for a politics of the dead…” André Lepecki


‘Homework of the blood’ might sound like a strange title for a performance event, and of course it is. It was chosen through an episode of a ‘loss in translation’: I misunderstood the use of a word in Japanese and thought this title was being suggested… This ‘loss’ of understanding which we experience within language and between languages, also applies to time. The ‘loss’ associated with memory and time can be termed ‘melancholia’. This is how Lepecki refers to it in his book ‘Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement’. In his conclusion he advocates taking a different perspective on time in order to rid ourselves of the melancholy of modernity which only believes in units of the present which become lost as they disappear into this ‘micro’ view of time. And for language, in the case of this title, by opening up the possibility of a mistake actually ‘becoming’ a possible result.

What is ‘The Homework of [our] Blood’? In my performance I am seeking to address a homework concerned with gender, in my case that of the ‘woman’. Part of the homework I do within the female body I have is question what it is to be ‘woman’, and how this relates to being ‘feminine’? Ideas about the ‘essence’ of woman, the standards of ‘beauty’ or ‘ideal’ might change across eras and cultures, but some seem to remain rigid and handed down from previous generations without question.

I will rework a performance which I created last year for the Festival of Female Dancers at the Isamu Noguchi Room, Keio University. I called this performance ‘The Shape of Twilight’: within the time of twilight, forms change, things may appear differently as light changes to darkness. In that twilight is the possibility of re-imagining fixed form, just as the twilight of misunderstanding does in language, and perhaps in that space we can see new possibilities for what ‘woman’ is, which go beyond the melancholic memories of “feminine  = woman”.

Again I will collaborate with innovative sound artist Fujita Yosuke  >>

‘Homework of my Blood’,  10 October 2014

at Circus, Shimokitazawa,

北沢1-40-15 北沢ゴルフマンション Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 155-0031


8pm until late, entry charge ¥ 2000


Or scroll for English flyer

photo | Sasha Drozd







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