A Contemporary Homage – Talking to Takao

“…whatever the context is, to be contemporary is to be free from existing conventional methods and modes and ways to face reality, so you have to invent.” Takao Kawaguchi

As I continue my questioning of what is contemporary (Butoh), I realise that my questions relate not only to time but to perception, rhythms and processes. I’ve been talking to many artists I’ve met during my visits to Japan, trying to make sense of the parameters that operate over there. Through these conversations, I meet people whose culture, society and practice inspire me and open up new lines of inquiry.

Please read this fascinating conversation I had with Takao Kawaguchi last November >>

I’ve also cleared up my ‘WRITINGS‘ page as it was becoming chaotic, with the new links and structure I hope it’s easier to read!

Takao Kawaguchi
Takao Kawaguchi

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