A year of new collaborations and recreations

It’s the end of 2013 and I’ve been updating my site and videos after a year of recreations of some of my past projects and some exciting new projects in London and Tokyo.

March 2013: The first big project this year was Black Walk (London) presented through HAGISO Gallery, Tokyo as part of their opening exhibition ‘Third Life’. I walked through London from Woolwich to(wards) Teddington following paths and flows of immigration, questioning ideas of space and place. It was -1C and snowing and I had to end around Barnes.

watch the film >>

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.45.25 PM

May 2013: I recreated ‘Pas de Deux’, a solo piece I began to develop in 2009. I revisited it this year and presented it as part of an event at ‘Little Room’, London alongside 2 other artists working with dance and visual art.

The new ‘Pas de Deux’ was then presented 3 more times in Japan, at Chiyoda Arts 3331,Tokyo in August, Urban Guild in Kyoto in October and at Block House Gallery, Tokyo, for Najomo Art Project in November.

watch video >>

photo  |  A. Sasha Drodz
photo | A. Sasha Drodz

June 2013: ‘Black Marche Paris’ was the next stage of my urban walks, where I walked 50 km in a spiral through the 20 arrondissments of Paris accompanied by various participants who joined me along the way and helped create a film…which is still in post-production. With the support of Dimanche Rouge.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.15.48 PM

July 2013: I worked on a photo project, DRAPO, as a first collaboration with photographer, Othello DeSouza-Hartley. Inspired by my Black Walk project, we created a humourous take on fashion, creating 15 looks from 3 items: a piece of cloth, a stick and a rope. Available for sale as a portable travel outfit.

DRAPO - 3 objects, many identities
DRAPO – 3 objects, many identities

October 2013: last year’s (2012) project ‘Black Box’ was presented this year at Gallery éf, a 150 year old Edo-period storehouse in Asakusa, Tokyo. It was recreated as a site-specific piece within this space, a cube of a room, finished in black-lacquer with clay walls 30 cms thick, invisible from the street, it embodied an atmosphere of claustrophobia and intimacy that challenged us to revisit the whole piece. I continued my collaboration with Arihiro Yamada (music, voice and sound) and lighting by Atsushi Kakumoto. The installation ran for 5 days and 2 sold out performances.


November 2013:‘Being & Seeing‘, a performance art piece was presented as part of ‘Out of Space’ at Kyozon Gallery in Aoyama,Tokyo. I worked in collaboration with musician and composer, Yas-Kaz an early collaborator of Tatsumi Hijikata’s. It was a first collaboration with this outstanding artist, using percussion and sounds to create games to explore the performativity and objectification in life-modelling and the moment of transformation into subject.


December 2013: I was commissioned by the Art Centre Keio University, Tokyo to present a piece in the Isamu Noguchi Room for the Week of Foreign Female Dancers. I created ‘The Shape of the Twilight’ and performed at 4pm on Saturday 14 December, a new and really exciting collaboration with experimental musician and singer, Yosuke Fujita: described by many who attended as a ‘perfect match’ of dance and sound.

Photo  |   Nobuo Shiga
Photo | Nobuo Shiga

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