‘The Shape of the Twilight’/黄昏の形 in the Isamu Noguchi Room 14 December

I will perform a site-specific piece at the Noguchi Room, Keio University Mita Campus as part of ‘The Week of Foreign Female Dancers’. This event looks at the work of female dancers who have trained in Butoh and integrated it into their dance and performance work. Other dancers whose work is featured in this mini festival include SU-EN (Sweden), Camille Mutel (France), Jocelyne Montpetit (Canada) and Natsu Nakajima (Japan).

‘The Shape of the Twilight’/黄昏の形

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.10.21 PM

Buckminster Fuller compared Isamu Noguchi to an aeroplane, saying “both supported a new era that integrated separate civilzations’ experiences into a shared human history and geography.”

As the sun sets in Japan, the day begins in the UK. Today I am in Tokyo but in 7 days I will be in London. My body is here but a part of me has already begun the journey back, disappearing with the sun, becoming a twilight presence, oscillating between these spaces: these two places a revolution or so away, connected by the sun. My existence stretched across the globe.

“I work everywhere. I feel myself equally settled wherever I am: people all over welcome me as their country fellow and that is both pleasant and sad for me: since I have not got a home.” Isamu Noguchi

For this performance I will collaborate with musician, Yosuke Fujita:

Fujita Yosuke
Fujita Yosuke


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