Musician and composer YAS-KAZ will collaborate on ‘Being & Seeing’, 22 November

I’m really excited to announce that percussionist and composer YAS-KAZ will be collaborating with me for ‘Being & Seeing’ at ‘Out of Space’ on 22 November. YAS-KAZ is a celebrated musician having played alongside some of the great names in Butoh: he made the music for the film ‘Summer Storm’ with Tatsumi Hijikata as well as composing for Hijikata’s live performances. He has also collaborated with Sankai Juku and butoh dancers Waguri Yukio and Saga Kobayashi.

YAS-KAZ (Percussionist, Composer)
Since 1970, started to collaborate with Tatsumi Hijikata(Butoh dance founder) and Takehisa Kosugi and some of leading Jazz players in Japan. ‘80~, invited to many of music festivals for solo concerts in & out of Japan.  Collaborated with Sankaijuku and Wayne Shorter and many artists of different category. Since ’84 issued 22 albums. 2001~’06 invited to Venice Biennale and had Europe tour. ’12 Czeck concert, Arab tour (Oman, Qatar, UAE) . ’13 East Africa tour (Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya) .

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