‘Being & Seeing / Etre et Voir’ at Kyozon Gallery 22 November


I’ll be presenting a new performance/live art piece as part of, ‘Out of Space’, an evening of live art, theatre and performance installations reflecting identity/foreignness, memory, and the body. at Kyozon Gallery, Omotesando.

‘Being and Seeing’ began to develop during life-drawing sessions in London: as I would began to draw, the person would disappear and I would start to relate to the body in front of me as an object. Especially I had an awareness that by capturing this body in my drawing I was exerting a certain power over it. I first collaborated with artist Frank Gambino to explore this idea more, linking it to embodied practices in dance and looking for the point of oscillation between subject and object.

Venue: Kyozon Gallery, Las Chicas, 5-47-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Price: 2500 JYP (including 1 free drink and reduced rate drinks all night)
Booking: email tippedpress@gmail.com

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