Black Marche Paris 22 June, presented by Dimanche Rouge

'Woman with Flag' by Tina Modotti
‘Woman with Flag’ by Tina Modotti

On 22 June I’ll be performing my walk ‘Black Marche’ through the streets of Paris. This performance is presented by Dimanche Rouge.

I’m still looking for participants for my long spiral walk through Paris. I would like 20 participants to join me to walk through one arrondissement each, although they can decide to walk for longer. The walk will cross all the 20 arrondissements of Paris, from 1 to 20.

The role of participants: to walk with me; to be witnesses and partners to the event; to record the experience in some way so that their response becomes a part of the document of this performance. I will carry my customary flag, particpants can decide to wear a costume, bring a prop or not. Each participant will only need to walk with me for about half an hour or so. The walk will be in silence.

The walk will begin at 8.30am and go on until I reach the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in the 20eme arrondissement and then walk out of Paris at Porte de Bagnolet. It will probably take about 10 hours.

Watch Black Walk (London) >>

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